All the info about the game and the team. Contact us if you need to know anything else.


The Game

Caromble! is a brick-breaking indie game in a 3D, physics-based dystopic world with an unique art-style and many twists. Crimson Owl Studios, a team of 5 dedicated super friends, have been working on Caromble! for over 3 years.

Caromble! is scheduled for release in Q2 2014 and will be available on PC, Mac & Linux.

Caromble! can be played with the mouse, keyboard and gamepad. Also, Caromble! is playable with Leap Motion.

Caromble! will be available on Steam, since the community gave us enough votes on Greenlight.

The Studio

Crimson Owl Studios is a Dutch game studio. Five members make up the team: Pascal van Beek, Raymond Bijl, Thomas Duindam, Peter Heil and Thomas Schmall. All team members work part-time on normal jobs, and reserve Fridays for game development. Caromble! is the best known (and only) title currently being developed.


Early History

Late in the summer of 2008, Crimson Owl studios – which wasn’t called Crimson Owl Studios back then – started when four Computer Science students at Utrecht University teamed up to make a game engine, and a level editor to go with it. Despite having no money and no time the team made good progress and after a year the first attempts at creating games began.

Enter Thomas Schmall. In a Global Game Jam team with Thomas D. and Peter, he single-handedly painted his team to an almost-victory in the graphics category. After joining Crimson Owl Studios – which still wasn’t called Crimson Owl Studios back then – the development of Caromble! began in earnest.

Present Day

Still with no resources besides determination and passion for games, the members of Crimson Owl Studios – which had finally received it’s name – have been pouring every evening hour and weekend day into the development of Caromble!. The launch of Caromble! will mark the end of the first chapter in the history of Crimson Owl Studios. All members of Crimson Owl Studios have a job four days a week, and reserve every Friday for Caromble!.

The Team

We are Crimson Owl Studios, a small indie-team that skips work every Friday to develop Caromble!.

PascalPasfotoPascal van Beek ( Programming  / Level Design )
Besides his passion for watching movies, tv-shows and playing games, Pascal loves designing games and tries to collect as many spare minutes and hours as possible to put into the creation of Caromble!. On the non-Fridays he works as a software developer at a company that specializes in virtual environments for medical rehabilitation.

RaymondPasfotoRaymond Bijl ( Programming / Level Design )
Next to working on Caromble! on Fridays, Raymond develops web applications at a small and fun IT company. He likes games in general: video games, board games, sports games, and any combination thereof.

Thomas Duindam PhotoThomas Duindam ( Programming  / Level Design )
Thomas is a software engineer in the medical field by day, and a game developer by night – and most weekends. Also has hobbies.

PeterPasfotoPeter Heil ( Programming / Level Design )
While Peter works on 3D medical imaging applications during the week, his passion lies with gaming. Therefore, all his spare time is put into making Caromble! as fun as possible.

Thomas Schmall PhotoThomas Schmall ( Art )
After working as lead artist, and concept artist on several AAA games, Thomas developed his unique style. He now works in fine art and dedicates his spare time to Caromble!.

logoNineyards ( Sound / Music )
The great guys, formerly known as Doppler, who create Caromble!’s SFX and music.