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Interview with the Crimson Owl Team

The interview with our team is finally online! Check it out if you haven’t already:
gamekings_logo(It’s in Dutch)

Interview on True PC Gaming

Pascal gave an interview to Adam Ames of the truepcgaming.com – and covered quite a few areas, including his view on Downloadable Content and the current DRM struggles in the industry.
Our marketing efforts are taking us some time … lot’s to learn, but it’s nice to see them bearing fruits.

Ardor3D interview

The makers of the Ardor3D engine have put an interview with our team on their website. It’s about how their engine works for us, about the art style and some more. Thank’s guys!

We also have been visiting an event by the Dutch Game Association about funding, to get some feedback about the business side and maybe some contacts for publishing plans. It was encouraging to hear that there is good potential and helpful to learn about the next steps to go. We got a lot of work ahead of us.

Indigo Interview

Here is team-mate Thomas giving an interview about Caromble (in Dutch). There is also a video about the event and the Dutch Game Garden in general. With some interesting interview tidbits.